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The Assault of Iwo Jima
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... the 5th Marine Amphibious Corps (consisting of the 3rd, 4th, and 5th Marine Divisions) landed on Iwo Jima (Sulphur Island). When the battle was over, 6821 American Marines, Sailors, and Soldiers , along with an estimated 20,000+ Japanese defenders had died. This was Americas first landing on what was considered traditional Japanese territory.

In the following pages, I will bring this historic battle for Iwo Jima to the reader, at a level of detail and scope I have not yet seen. This is the battle of Iwo Jima as described by the 3rd, 4th, and 5th Marine Divisions. We do offer more extensive details on CD-ROM and their accompanying maps.  You are invited to search the database for the names of the Marines, sailors & soldiers that participated in the battle, read battle summaries and view the image gallery. However what we're really hoping you will do is register to add information about what you might know and then to tell others about this site.

On 19 February 1945... D-Day


Dog day had been tentatively set for 19 February, and How-hour for 0900. Both were confirmed. Throughout the day, the weather, sea conditions and visibility were excellent.

At 0640, the transports arrived in the transport area. The RCT Comdr and his command group were afloat immediately thereafter, and cleared for the Control Vessel at 0700, arriving thereat 0745. By 0735 all LSTs were on station, and by 0805, all LVTs had been launched without mishap, and the waves were forming behind the LD, prepared to land. Both Regimental Weapons Company (less 37mm platoons), and the remainder of the RCT Command echelon, which had been delayed in boating were inroad to their rendezvous areas at 0900.

Inroad to the beach, the landing craft received no fire, and at 0902 the first wave (LVT(A)s) landed. One minute later the 2d wave of BLT 1 landed, and at 0905 the 2d wave of BLT 2 landed. The remaining scheduled waves followed at the prescribed intervals.



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