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D Plus 14 (D+14) 5 March 1945

9th Marines- Attacks were made on 3, 4 and 6 March against enemy positions in this area. On each day the 1st and 2d Bns attacked abreast after the usual heavy artillery, air, and NGF preparation. In spite of all of the preparatory fires (artillery alone fired upwards from 1500 rounds per preparation), no large gains were made. Supporting fires were not confined to preparations, but continued almost constantly and still the enemy persisted apparently unaffected. Advances up to a total of 150 yards were made during these three days, after which no noticeable decrease of enemy resistance prevailed. The Regtl frontage during this period was about 500-600 yards running north and south, and the center of the front lines was about 600 yards due east of MOTOYAMA.

21st Marines

N. 5 Mar. The Regt resupplied, improved positions and conducted mopping up operations in Regtl ZofA. Moderate to heavy enemy mortar, Arty, rocket and small arms fires were received along the entire front during the night.

23rd Marines - DOG PLUS FOURTEEN, 5 MARCH, 1945

Enemy activity during the night was limited to occasional rounds of artillery and mortar fire in he vicinity of the front lines. At 2000, an RCT order was issued to all units, prescribing instructions for a relief on the line by RCT 25 at 0600, 5 March. Final plans for the relief were coordinated with the RCT 25 staff prior to 2200. At 0600, BLT 1/23 was relieved on the line by 1/25, and closed in its new assembly area at TA 182 RS at 0800. At about 1000, 3/23 was relieved from the mopping-up operation on the cliff-line at TA 183 INO by Co L, 3/25, and the Division Reconnaissance Company. It proceeded to assembly area vicinity TA 183 KL, closing at 1100. BLT 2/23 remained in VAC Reserve unit until 1500, at which time it was relieved in its assignment by 1/23, and reverted to RCT 23 control. Both units continued in their presently assigned positions. During the day units reorganized and reequipped in preparation for further operation. Except for occasional rounds of mortar and rocket fire, no enemy activity was encountered in the RCT zone during the day. The RCT CP continued at TA 182 Y, southwest corner.

image 24th Marines - 5 March, 1945

Little enemy activity occurred along the front from 0001 until dawn. Orders were received from Division that no attack would be made during the day, instead, units would reorganize by 1200 and strengthen their reserves by thinning the font lines. Particular attention was to be paid the organization of the ground and supporting arms were to be registered as close to the front lines as possible. RCT 24 had Company I (less 1 platoon), Company A, and Company C in reserve behind the BLTs. At 0730 the BLT Commanders arrived at the RCT CP and were given the full details of the day's plan. Further orders for 6 March were to be received later in the day. All units of RCT 24 spent the day improving their positions, firing in mortars and artillery, and resting. Sporadic enemy mortar fire was received along the lines. Two air strikes, NGF and artillery were used throughout the day in an effort to neutralize the enemy mortars. At 2200 the plan of attack for 6 March, 1945 was to be given to the BLT Commanders by the Commanding Officer, RCT 24. RCT 23 was to pass through BLT 3/24 prior to 0600 and BLT 3/24 would go into Division Reserve. The attack would jump off at 0900 with RCT 23 on the left, RCT 24 in the center and RCT 25 on the right. RCT 24 (less BLT 3/24) would attack with BLT 2/24 with Company A, BLT 1/24 attached, on the left and BLT 1/24 (less Company A and Company C) on the right. Company C as RCT Reserve would remain in rear of Company B. Where it would be readily available to fill any gap which might develop. Other attachments would remain the same.

image 25th Marines - D plus 14, 5 March 1945.

In accordance with Div Op Or No. 14-45, RCT?25 commenced relieving RCT-23 in its zone at 0530. BLT-2/25 and BLT-3/25 reverted to control of RCT-25 and remained in position. BLT-1/25 relieved BLT-1/23 in its former zone and had effected the relief of the assault companies by 0600 and the total relief by 0740. BLT-2/25 and BLT-3/25 were each ordered to reorganize their lines and create a Res Co. A Prov Bn was organized composed of the div Recon Co (Attached to RCT-25 at 0700) and Co L of BLT-3/25 and placed under the command of Major Asbill (Bn-X of BLT-1/25). This Prov Bn relieved BLT-3/23 in the area of the rear of the pocket and between BLT-1/25 on the left and BLT-2/25 in the center. The relief of BLT-3/23 commenced at 0800 and was completed at 1030. Readjustment of the lines of BLT-2/25 and BLT-3/25 was completed by 1200. Co F, BLT-2/25, was designates as RCT Res and placed behind BLT-2/25 and BLT-3/25. The day was spent I reorganizing the lines, digging in strong defensive positions, and mopping up operations in the pocket by the Prov Bn using two flamethrowers and four medium tanks. Extensive use was made of the flamethrower tanks in burning out sniper infested areas. Firm contact was established between all units.

26th Marines

D+14, 5 Mar 45 Weather: Clear and warm. CT 26 made only local attacks for the purpose of improving positions and rectifying lines; no general advance was contemplated for the reason that any appreciable advance in this sector would increase the frontage dangerously. At about 1100 LT 126 accomplished relief in the line of LT 127 and the right company of LT 226; LT 127 reverted to CT 27. Tanks were employed from about 1100 to 1300 in the center of CT 26 zone for reduction of known caves and strong points in the vicinity of front lines. Between 1600 and 1800 several friendly vehicles were knocked out in the vicinity of RJ 338 by high velocity pieces firing from positions opposite the front of 3rdMarDiv. (RJ 338 was on the main supply road to battalion installations, interdiction of which caused considerable difficulty until these guns were silenced during the following day). Wire communications, having steadily improved since the earlier difficult stage, at about this time permitted continuous telephone contact between all major elements. Casualties 3 Off, 27 Enl. Returned to duty: - Off, & 19 Enl. Effective strength: 101 Off, 2041 Enl.

image 27th Marines - D plus 14 5 March, 1945

This unit continued to be division reserve and there is no enemy activity to report. The enemy dead reported to date was 1047.

28th Marines - D+14 1800, 4 March to 1800, 5 March.

Night Activity: Continued sporadic mortar fire during the night. Small scale infiltration attempts by the enemy were unsuccessful.

Daylight Operations: Ordered by Division to relieve LT-228 with LT-328 by 1200, and to reorganize. Local objective attacks were authorized to improve position.

LT-328 (Division Reconnaissance Co and Regimental Reconnaissance Platoon attached) relieved LT-228 prior to noon. LT-327 on the right made a local attack to straighten out the line and had relieved LT-126 on our right by 1730.

Much artillery and naval gunfire was used during the day to soften up enemy defenses across the entire front.

LT-228 moved to a rest area in 198 W.

During the period 2-5 March, nine officers and three hundred thirteen enlisted from the 27th and 31st Replacement Drafts were received and distributed to landing teams.

Lines for the night remained the same as on D+13.

CP's: LT-228 in 198 W, LT-328 in 216 Q, otherwise no change. 

Casualties for period: Supporting units for period


KIA & DOW 3 1 destroyer, 1 LC(S) WIA 8 2d Bn, 13th Marines SK (evac) none C Co's, 5th Tank Bn. TOTAL 11

Combat efficiency: 50%

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