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D Plus 27 (D+27) 18 March, 1945

9th Marines- On 18 March it moved into the 4th Div zone of action relieving that Div and beginning patrolling and mopping up operations in that sector. Moping up was carried on by patrols ranging in size from one reinforced sqd to one reinforced platoon. The average number of patrols daily was fifteen. Demolition men from Co A 3d Engr Bn accompanied the patrols and blew caves as they were discovered.

24th Marines - 18 March, 1945

image No enemy activity occurred from 0001 until dawn. RCT 24 was informed by Division that RCT 9 would relieve it at **** and RCT 24 would then complete reembarkation. RCT 9 relieved RCT 24 at 0808 and reembarkation began. All troops were embarked aboard their respective ships by 2000.

26th Marines

D+27, 18 Mar 45 Weather: Cloudy, windy, visibility good. Effective at 0600, elements of 5th Pioneer Bn in the line between CT 28 and CT 26 were attached to CT 26. LT 328 (attached CT 26) commenced attack about 0730, extreme right of LT 326 maintained contact and moved with LT 328. About 1130 LT 328 accomplished relief of front held by LT 126, and LT 126 assembled in CT reserve awaiting orders. About 1530 LT 126 moved south and relieved the right of the Pioneer sector, Tanks and dozers were employed in the north of the CT zone. Casualties: - Off, &nnbsp; 21 Enl. Returned to duty: - Off, &nnbsp; 21 Enl. Effective strength: 86 Off, 1570 Enl.

28th Marines - D+27 1800, 17 March to 1800, 18 March.

image Night activity: A few hand grenade duels occurred on LT-128's front. Otherwise all was quiet.

Daylight operations: LT's 128 and 228 continued to support the attack by fire from their same positions. The 5th Pioneer Battalion was detached from CT-28 at 0730, putting CT-28's right flank in 234 ) center.

LT-328 continued under CT-26 control.

Lines for the night remained the same as on D+26.

CP's no change.

Casualties for period: Supporting units for period


KIA & DOW 4 1 destroyer for illumination only WIA 20 SK (evac) 7 TOTAL 31

Combat efficiency: 30%

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