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D Plus 30 (D+30) 21 March, 1945

3rd Marine Division- Night ambushed and patrolling continued in assigned sectors with a total of 57 enemy being killed. The 147th Infantry disembarked and moved to assembly areas in TA's 180 and 183 by 1800.

9th Marines

On 18 March it moved into the 4th Div zone of action relieving that Div and beginning patrolling and mopping up operations in that sector. Moping up was carried on by patrols ranging in size from one reinforced sqd to one reinforced platoon. The average number of patrols daily was fifteen. Demolition men from Co A 3d Engr Bn accompanied the patrols and blew caves as they were discovered.

image 26th Marines

D+30, 21 Mar 45 Weather Clear. CT 26 resumed the attack down the remaining corridor at about 0730, with LT 126 and LT 327 advancing, LT 328 holding. During the afternoon LT 126 pinched out LT 327 as slow progress to the northwest was made. Between 1800 and 2000 LT 327 relieved LT 126 in the line. "G" Co reverted to LT 326 at this time, and LT 126 assembled in reserve. Casualties: - Off, 27 Enl. Returned to duty: - Off, & 5 Enl. Effective Strength: 82 Off, 1507 Enl.

28th Marines - D+30 1800, 20 March to 1800, 21 March.

image Night activity: Twenty Japs were killed trying to infiltrate LT-128's lines.

Daylight operations: LT's 128 and 228 continued to hold their present lines and mopped up in rear areas during the morning.

CT-28 was ordered to attack and advance to the edge of the cliff overlooking the draw to our front, a distance of 40 yards on the right and 100 yards on the left. K-hour was 1545.

By 1800, LT-128 on the right of LT-228 had reached the objective despite a heavy hail of enemy hand grenades.

LT-328 continued under CT-26 control.

CP's no change.

Casualties for period: Supporting units for period


KIA & DOW 1 6 1 destroyer for illumination only WIA 1 9 SK (evac) 4 TOTAL 2 19

Combat efficiency: 25%

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