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D Plus 31 (D+31) 22 March, 1945

3rd Marines- A total of 46 enemy were reported killed during the day and night by patrols and ambushes. A patrol of the 9th Marines again used tanks to reduce enemy resistance in caves at 184-E-J. The 147th Infantry made preparation to relieve the 21st Marines in the 21st Marines patrol sector. The 3d Tk Bn, less Co A, completed embarkation in LST's 928 and 634.

9th Marines

On 18 March it moved into the 4th Div zone of action relieving that Div and beginning patrolling and mopping up operations in that sector. Moping up was carried on by patrols ranging in size from one reinforced sqd to one reinforced platoon. The average number of patrols daily was fifteen. Demolition men from Co A 3d Engr Bn accompanied the patrols and blew caves as they were discovered.

26th Marines

image D+31, 22 Mar 45 Weather: Clear. CT 26 resumed advance about 1000 with LT 327 attacking down the corridor to the northwest and LT 328 holding only. Tanks took positions in advance of troops and fired flame thrower preparation. Very slow progress was made, enemy resistance being chiefly from inaccessible caves in the cliff crevices. at 1700 Co "A", 5thEngrBn, reverted to control of parent organization. Casualties - Off, ; 23 Enl. Returned to duty: - Off, ; 3 Enl. Effective strength: 81 Off, 1465 Enl.

28th Marines - D+31 1800, 21 March to 1800, 22 March.

Night activity: Grenade exchanges continued throughout the night all along the front.

Daylight operations: B Co, 5th Pioneer Battalion was attached to LT-228 at 0630.

LT's 128 and 228 continued to hold in the positions along the edge of the cliff and supported CT-26 by fire as it advanced down the draw across our front.

During the course of the day, LT-327, attacking northwest across our front, made such good progress that LT-128 was able to withdraw two companies from the line. B Co, LT-128, was ordered to mop up behind LT-327. LT-327 reached the road on LT-228's right flank, and at 1905 LT-228 was ordered to send a patrol out to tie in with 327's left for the night. However, LT-327 was forced to withdraw about 75 yards and tied in with the Division Reconnaissance Company attached to LT-128. LT-228's patrol returned.

image Two tanks and a flame thrower tank assisted LT-228 in reducing the pocket behind its left flank.

C Co, 5th Engineer Battalion, reverted from Combat Team Control to Engineer Battalion control.

LT-328 continued under CT-26 control.

CP's: no change.

Casualties for period: Supporting units for period

OFF ENL KIA & DOW 2 1 destroyer WIA 13 SK (evac) 5 TOTAL 20

Combat efficiency: 25%

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