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D Plus 32 (D+32) 23 March, 1945

3rd Marine Division- Night ambushes and patrols killed a total of 47 enemy during the day and night. Patrols of the 21st Marines contained personnel of the 147th Infantry in effecting the relief of the sector. 3d Marine Division was assigned the responsibility of patrolling and outposting MT SURIBACHI area. Two relief platoons from the 3d Bn 147th Infantry occupied the SURIBACHI area south of the line TA's 131-I 132-F-R. Organizational equipment of RCT 21 is being assembled for embarkation.

9th Marines

On 18 March it moved into the 4th Div zone of action relieving that Div and beginning patrolling and mopping up operations in that sector. Moping up was carried on by patrols ranging in size from one reinforced sqd to one reinforced platoon. The average number of patrols daily was fifteen. Demolition men from Co A 3d Engr Bn accompanied the patrols and blew caves as they were discovered.

26th Marines

D+32, 23 Mar 45 Weather Clear.


At about 0700 LT 326 relieved LT 327 in the line. Lt 327 reverted to CT 27 and moved to the rear. At about 0900, following preparation by tanks LT 326 and LT 328 resumed the advance. About 600 Co "H" of LT 328 was attached to LT 326 for the purpose of filling a gap existing between left of LT 326 and CT 28 elements. Co "A", 5thEngrBn, no longer attached, continued to support CT 26 elements as needed. The Rocket Section reverted to the 3d Provisional Rocket Det. LT 126 and LT 226 were employed in mopping up and clearing rear area sector assigned to CT 26.

Casualties: 1 Off, 17 Enl. Returned to duty: - Off, &nbspp; 10 Enl. Effective strength: 80 Off, 1465 Enl.

image 28th Marines - D+32 1800, 22 March to 1800, 23 March.

Night Activity: The night was quiet on LT-128's front, but D and F Co CP's of LT-228 were attacked by 60 Japs who made a banzai charge up a ravine about 200 yards in back of our lines and in rear of the CP's Fifty of the enemy were killed in the attack and the few remaining alive were estroyed by 1000 the next morning.

Daylight operations: LT's 128 and 228 continued to hold their same positions and support by fire the attack of CT-26 across our front.

image Lt-326 on our right gained the road running between LT-128 and LT-228 by 1300, thus taking LT-128 off the active front for the first time since 8 March.

Further gains by LT-326 enabled LT-228 to withdraw D Co from the line. LT-228 was then ordered to send D Co to mop up behind LT-326. A platoon of tanks and a flame thrower tank supported LT-228 and enabled it to completely destroy the enemy pocket behind its left flank. Approximately 40 enemy were killed.

CP's: no change.

Casualties for period: Supporting units for period


KIA & DOW 5 1 destroyers For illumination only WIA 12 Co C, 5th Tank Bn. SK (evac) 4 TOTAL 21

Combat efficiency: 25%

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